Existing employers winning the recruitment battle in FMCG sales recruitment

As the economy improves now is the time to be asking yourself two key questions. How are you going to retain your star sales performers? How are you going to attract new sales people in a more competitive recruitment landscape?

Find out how other companies are answering these questions in our latest report:

FMCG confidence up in Q1 2013

With the economy flat lining, the fear of risk is beginning to change the behaviours of both recruiters and candidates, according to the BMS Quarterly Sales Index.

Whether or not the latest GDP figures are an ‘encouraging sign’ as Chancellor, George Osborne commented, or ‘just back to where it was six months ago’, as Ed Balls, his opposite number thinks, the fact is that the UK economy has flat lined.

Innovation is alive and well, but FMCG fails to meet salary expectations in 2012 : Q1 2013 BMS Sales Index

It’s time to re-evaluate recruitment strategies and take calculated risks to gain and retain the best people in 2013, according to the BMS Sales Recruitment Index Report Q1 2013.

The year in brief

Competition threatens FMCG recruitment success: Q3 2012 BMS Sales Index

A 'take a breath' quarter promises Q4 recruitment growth, according to the BMS Sales Index report Q3 2012

Candidate confidence and salaries are rising, and just last week the Office for National Statistics reported a 1% increase in GDP for the third quarter of the year.

But firms that cut sales teams or held recruitment could be in for a surprise. Many didn't. They held on to their good people, and even brought more in. It was a risky strategy, but they’ll have the edge if the economy grows. And the signs look good it just might.

Candidate expectations fall as FMCG banks on brand: Q2 2012 BMS Sales index

The battle for talent is back and salaries are once again on the front line, according to the BMS Sales Insight report Q2 2012.

Failure to meet remuneration expectations is now the biggest single reason for losing good candidates at interview. And, according to the BMS data, has contributed to an increase in advertised salary levels over the quarter from April to June. This is the first time since Q1 2011 that sales salaries have risen to meet or exceed candidate expectations across the industry spectrum - with a few notable exceptions.

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